The Schnoodle is a mix between a Schnauzer and a Poodle and come in different sizes. From mini to giant, the Schnoodle has a wonderful and fun personality and are smart, friendly and affectionate companions to their humans.

The Schnoodle mixes the intellect of the Poodle with the companionship and devotion of the Schnauzer. Schnoodles are very astute. They may, for example, react very strongly when the owner simply glances to the floor for his or her shoes, or the sound of the clanking of car keys; the dog knows that this can be a precursor to the owner leaving the home on some errand. This intelligence (which can range from introspective and analytical, to raw and instinctual depending on the specific dog), coupled with the terrier desire to please the owner, makes most Schnoodles easily trainable.

Schnoodles can be very athletic and make good companions for runners looking for a smaller dog, but they do not require running long distances every day to keep them calm." " On a scale of 0-10, most Schnoodles have a 4-7 energy level. They are very friendly and happy dogs and generally get along very well with other animals. Their wavy coats don't shed, which makes Schnoodles and excellent choice when you are looking for an hypoallergenic dog. To insure a nice and shiny coat, Schnoodles need daily brushing.

Schnoodles are non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, they are inquisitive, very easily trainable, loyal, affectionate, protective and very smart.

They come in various colors, from charcoal to cream. Their coat is soft and wavy and they are totally cute!
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