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Height: 22-23 1/2 inches
Weight: male are between 70-84 pounds and females, between 57-71 pounds


The Bergamasco is an ancient dog breed originating from Italy, very intelligent, peaceful, well balanced. The Bergamasco like to know everything that is going around him and, although not aggressive, is an excellent watch dog. He is good with children as he seeks their company and is very patient, protective and tolerant.
Bergamascos are generally good with other dogs as long as they don't come across as a threat to their family or them. They need strong, but gentle leadership. Their owner must earn their respect for Bergamascos to obey and by their rules.

We rescued only one Bergamasco since we are in operation. We named her Faith. She had been a stray for 2 1/2 years at least. They are not a common breed and it was a pleasure to have Faith around. She has been adopted by a wonderful family who understand the characteristic of her breed and Faith is now a service dog for a diabetic person. She is a true joy!


Non-shedding, the coat takes approximately 2 years to fully flock. Once the coat is flocked, it requires occasional brushing and bathing. The coat is made up of three types of hair: the undercoat, the goat hair and the woolly top coat.

The undercoat is made of a thick, fine and oily to the touch which forms a waterproof layer; being oily doesn't mean it is greasy.

The second layer is what we call the Goat Hair because of the long strands of harsh hair similar to the coat of a goat.

The last layer is the woolly top coat, finer and softer to the touch. The woolly hair mixed with the goat hair get entangled together and create the flock. These flocks grow throughout the dog's life creating multi layers of flocks, eventually reaching the ground at about the age of 5 years. We personally keep Faith's coat short as she lives inside and is very hot with that thick coat.


From gray to silver gray to anthracite

Faith, rescued Bergamasco

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