We require that all applicants complete our Application Form that we will process as soon as we receive it, along with your vet references. If you never owned a pet before, we ask that you provide us with a letter of reference that is not from a family member. The application is subject to our approval.



Once completed, the application form can be emailed to: shereesdogrescue@gmail.com


it can also be faxed at 469-453-3331.

The application and adoption process can take a few hours to a few days, depending on how quickly we receive your application and on our availability.

Completing an application form is not a commitment to adopt a dog. If you application is approved, we will contact the applicant by phone or by email to set a time, place and a day to meet with the dog of your choice. If it's love at first sight, you can adopt the pet and take it home. If you are not sure if your choice is the right one, we simply take the dog back and we can redo the process with another dog. All adoption fees are non-refundable, vary according to the age and breed of the dog and are applied 100% to the rescue, care, spay/neuter, food and everything related to their health.

If things don't work out with your new pet, we do take our dogs back at any time during the lifetime of the dog. Our dogs are very important to us and we try to find the best home for each of them. This involves asking for vet references, pre-adoption home visits and signing an adoption contract.

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